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Programs FCHS offers



Helping one at a time.

Do you have a couch for a dog or cat to crash on for a night or two? 
Are you interested in bottle feeding kittens or puppies? 
Do you have room for a dog or cat to hang out and socialize at home? 
Do you have a place of business for a cat to hang around and socialize? 
This program would be perfect for you!


We can not do it alone.

This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. 
We have many volunteer opportunities at the shelter and in the community.


Doing What’s Needed

Do you have cats in your neighbored that you aren't yours?, but you feed? We can help fix them so they can not reproduce. Give us a call and ask about our TNR Program. 

Do you have ferals that you no longer want? Call 276-1300 and have animal control trap them, and bring to the shelter, we will fix them and find new homes for them

Barn Cats: Do you need good mouser cats? Give us a call, we have several cats that are fixed, rabies vaccinated, and ready to start working. 

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Community Presentations

Education is key.....

We see every opportunity as a chance to educate.

- Do you have a classroom you would like us to come in and talk? 

- Are you a troop leader and are in need of a tour?

- Are you a business and are looking for a meeting topic? How about Animals in the community? 

- Are you a member of a club and need a guest speaker? 

We can help! Contact us and set something up. 


We can not do it alone.

We work with rescues all over the United States to find homes for animals in our care. Every animal that is unable to find a home through our shelter, we help find a rescue to help us. They take the animal and find a good home for it.


One step at a time

Golden Plains Credit Union, has sponsored this program which allows us to have dogs that are housed at the shelter, taken out for a walk or run around the shelter. Do you have five minutes, or an hour in your day with nothing to do? Stop by the shelter and ask to walk a dog.