Yard Project

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Ground Breaking

September 8, 2021, The City of Garden City, Finney County, and Finney County Humane Society broke ground on the construction of the dog yards.  

The yards are being completed in phases, FCHS has worked with the Police Department to design and fund improvements to the Garden City Animal Shelter that FCHS runs. A portion of the large area outside the shelter will eventually have shaded kennels that surround three or four different small enclosed play areas. This will allow staff to transfer animals from the indoor kennels to the outdoor kennels so that the inside of the shelter can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly. It will also be more effective in the keeping the animals safe and clean, should there be rainy or snow condition. 

Once completed, the shelter will house; 

48 outdoor dog kennels

2 adoption yard areas

4 outdoor play areas

1 catio for the cats to be outside and still be safe.