2021 - Data Saves Lives Grant

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2021 - Vaccine Campaign

Petco Love is taking action to reduce vaccine preventable diseases (parvovirus, distemper and
panleukopenia) by allocating one million pet vaccines to our animal welfare partners to distribute for free to community owned pets in need. This unique program is designed to increase the number of vaccinated community pets, not only to improve the lives of owned pets, but to decrease the spread of disease should these pets enter shelters.

We received $10,000 grant to help us better our gathering and sharing of information so collective efforts can be applied to help all animals in need. With this wonderful grant, we were able to get a new computer program, that allows us to share information immediately, have constant contact with support, as well as keep all records in one place. 

With the grant, we were able to purchase the startup credit card reader, as well as a new printer that well as signature pads, scanners to insert microchips onto each animal. We were also able to purchase iPad, with cases, straps, and protective covers for each staff member to carry and have while they are working. Now if a staff member is cleaning, and notice a sick dog, they can get on their iPad and update medications. All staff use them for multiple purposes that are all helping the animals directory.  

2020-2021 - Animal Sheltering & Adoptions Grant 

For this grant, FCHS asked for funding to help us with

- Spaying/neutering community pets, with our voucher system, 

- Adoption financial support, which allows us to have reduce fee adoption events, 

- Flea and Tick preventative for stray animals that come into the shelter 

- Transport financial support to help for the costs of transporting animals to no kill rescues for adoption, since we are unable to adopt out all animals we take in. 

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